Sellers Demand to Know You’re Serious Get Pre-Qualified!

Sellers Demand to Know You’re Serious

Get Pre-Qualified!

Get Pre-Qualified .. Contact Me!


Be Pre-Qualified for your Mortgage before you go and view homes!

There, I’ve said it.  First thing.  Right out of the box.  So it can’t be missed.

I place my advice right at the top of this post in bright colors so it’s not overlooked.  And because it’s such a very important message, especially for buyers hoping to purchase a home in a highly competitive housing market.

Right now, homes for Sale are receiving lots of attention.  The shortage of homes currently for sale in most housing markets dictates that.

This means that Buyers must be decisive and ready to act when they find “the home” they want.  They must have already talked to their Mortgage Lender and been Pre-Qualified for their financing PRIOR to the viewing of that home.


Ever hear the sayings, “Time is of the essence“?  Or “You snooze, you lose“?  Both are truer now than ever before when referring to home buying.

Sellers want to know, “Is this potential buyer qualified to buy my home”?  They want “proof” of such in hand and a Pre-Qualification Letter presented with any offer made.  (My personal practice is to Pre-Approve my buyers, providing even more “peace of mind” to my borrowers and the sellers involved.)

The Pre-Qualification process is not a sales tactic being enacted by your Agent or Mortgage Lender.  It’s reality.

Your real estate professionals are asking that you be Pre-Qualified prior to viewing homes because:

  • It strengthens your offer
  • It will help you better compete in a multiple bid scenario
  • The majority of Sellers won’t even consider your offer if you’re not Pre-Qualified for your financing (and able to produce a Pre-Qualification Letter proving it).

Yes, it’s that clear cut and it’s that simple …  

In the majority of housing markets across the U.S. today, you need to be Pre-Qualified.  That’s definitely been my experience in the housing markets of New Lenox – across Will County – and the Greater Chicagoland area.

So what should hopeful home buyers do?   Contact Me Now!

I refer you back to Paragraph #1.  Be Pre-Qualified!  The sooner the better.

So much of today’s mortgage financing …and the receiving of the best financing option available … relies on borrower’s credit scores and credit history.  They affect the interest rate received, the number and choice of mortgage programs … in short the options they have available to them.

But borrowers all too often focus solely on interest rates.  I’ve found that typically it’s the first thing they want to know when we talk.

There is no doubt that interest rates are important.  However, with some lead-in time to their home buying and a bit of preparation, many borrowers could reap better results (including better interest rates) when applying for their mortgage.

Acting proactively regarding your financing and following the advice of your Mortgage Lender can result in monetary savings.  It can also open up more/better mortgage options at the time of purchase and help your financing process go more swiftly and smoothly.

Most people wouldn’t think of buying a car, TV, or even clothes or shoes without conducting some comparisons or preparation first.  All too often this is not the case when it comes time to buy and finance a home, yet the possibilities for savings are far greater and the savings themselves are larger and carry more impact.

It’s a fact:  In the over-riding majority of cases, you will be required to have been Pre-Qualified by a Mortgage Lender if you wish to view, put a bid on, or buy a home.

Enter into your home buying as prepared as possible.  As ready for competition as possible.  Give yourself an edge.

Contact me now to be Pre-Qualified to buy a home in the New Lenox – Will County – Chicagoland area …

 Get Answers Now!



Looking to be Pre-Qualified for your Mortgage?  In need of financing and credit answers?  Contact me!  I’ll put my 40 years of Mortgage experience and expertise hard to work on your behalf.
I’m easily found at:

Gene Mundt
Mortgage Originator – nmls #216987 – IL Lic. 031.0006220 – WI Licensed
American Portfolio Mortgage Corp.
nmls #175656
Direct: 815.524.2280
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